Is Tokyo a City / State / or Prefecture? Let’s Take a Look!

Did you know that Tokyo technically isn`t a city? Technically, Tokyo is a prefecture, made up of 23 smaller mini city pocket special wards. However, Tokyo prefecture is only a small fraction of The Greater Tokyo Area…so how big is Tokyo, and how do we even begin to define it as an area? It’s…pretty complicated.Continue reading “Is Tokyo a City / State / or Prefecture? Let’s Take a Look!”

How Long Does it Take To Learn Japanese? My Experience

A large chunk of my experience first studying Japanese was while I was living in Japan, so my situation may be different than yours. That being said, I would say that I would consider myself to be comfortably fluent after 2 or 3 years of rigorous Japanese study. That standard, however, keeps getting higher. HowContinue reading “How Long Does it Take To Learn Japanese? My Experience”

Why Don’t Japanese Men Have Beards? All About ‘Seiketsukan’ Culture

Japanese men usually don’t have beards because they don’t match Japan’s obsession with the concept of seiketsukan, which can roughly be translated as a ‘sharp-dressed’ look into English. This concept of seiketsukan is a very important factor of Japanese society. Let’s take a deeper look. The simple answer to why men in Japan don’t haveContinue reading “Why Don’t Japanese Men Have Beards? All About ‘Seiketsukan’ Culture”

How Long Does it Take to Learn Kanji? My Experience

In my time living in Japan I have heard many people say that you need to memorize around 2000 Kanji characters to be able to fluently learn Japanese. Based on my experience, I know that it took me personally 3 or 4 years of rigorous study, most of that studying taking place in Japan, toContinue reading “How Long Does it Take to Learn Kanji? My Experience”

What’s it Like Dating in Japan? My Experience

Dating is an interesting topic, because it may be one of the biggest differences I have noticed culturally. There are a few main concepts that are crucial for your ability to understand the timing of things here; tatemae, as well as kokuhaku. I learned these things through trial and error while living in Japan. TheContinue reading “What’s it Like Dating in Japan? My Experience”

How to Teach Yourself Japanese; My Experience

One of the key techniques to teaching yourself Japanese is to record everything. By recording your own progress in learning Japanese you will be able to give yourself the appropriate context regarding own journey and will be able to formulate a plan on how you may progress forward teaching yourself Japanese. Which Japanese Textbook shouldContinue reading “How to Teach Yourself Japanese; My Experience”

Some Interesting Japanese Culture in Nintendo Games

Nintendo has a long history as a traditional Kyoto company that originally manufactured hanafuda cards. Nintendo has a long history of dabbling in different cultural arena’s that have now become staples of Japan. In this post, I will go over some of the interesting Japanese culture I have noticed in Nintendo games as a bilingualContinue reading “Some Interesting Japanese Culture in Nintendo Games”

What Does Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu REALLY mean in Japanese?

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu is phrase that is used to indicate the speakers intention to carry out a healthy and positive relationship with the listener. From a cultural and linguistic standpoint yoroshiku ongeishimasu is a function used to build strong relationships. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (宜しくお願いします) is a Japanese phrase commonly used in greetings, and is often translated intoContinue reading “What Does Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu REALLY mean in Japanese?”

Should you Move to Japan? My Advice and Experience

Living in Japan as a Japanese native and as a foreigner are two very different experiences. A great example of this; in Japan people tend to be more indirect and shy, which means that as a foreigner in order to succeed, you are almost required to take charge. Many different contradictions such as this exists.Continue reading “Should you Move to Japan? My Advice and Experience”

What to Do the Night You Arrive In Tokyo; My Experience

Since moving to Japan seven years ago I’ve shown around 10 friends around Tokyo (before I even moved to Tokyo) across 3 different trips. Based on my experience as an impromptu tour guide and long-term Japan expat, please allow me to create your itinerary for what you should do your first night in Tokyo AContinue reading “What to Do the Night You Arrive In Tokyo; My Experience”